Webinar: A conversation on evaluation and impact of community engagement on antibiotic resistance

  • Date: –15:30
  • Location: Online. Link sent to registered participants.
  • Website
  • Organiser: Uppsala Antibiotic Center, ReAct & Antibiotic Smart Sweden
  • Contact person: Eva Garmendia
  • Phone: 018-471-4902
  • Seminarium

Join the second event of our collaborative initiative "Innovative approaches for community-wide engagement on antibiotic resistance - A webinar and workshop series to promote systematic and meaningful engagement of communities and civil society groups as key stakeholders in the global response to antibiotic resistance."

In this webinar we will explore what “success” looks like for community engagement initiatives. Building on the learnings from webinar 1, we will discuss potential ways and indicators for measuring and evaluating the impact and benefits that these initiatives have on the whole of society as well as in addressing global challenges, such as antibiotic resistance. The key learnings from this webinar will be conducive towards the final workshop, where they will be integrated into discussions to inform future initiatives for community engagement on antibiotic resistance.


14.00 Welcome and introduction by moderator (Rebecca King, CE4AMR)

14.10 Keynote presentations by: 

- Satya Sivaraman, Antibiotic Smart Communities 

- Diane Ashiru, Antibiotic Guardian

- Sonali Johnson, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

- Till Bachmann, Diagnostics for One health and user driven Solutions for Antimicrobial resistance (DOSA)

14.45 Panel discussion with moderator and questions from the audience

15:25 Concluding remarks