Uppsala Antibiotic Days 2024: a multidiciplinary conference on antibiotics and resistance.

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  • Location: Universitetshuset Room X
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  • Organiser: Uppsala Antibiotic Center
  • Contact person: Eva Garmendia
  • Phone: 018-471-4902
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You can now register for the upcoming Uppsala Antibiotic Days conference, in collaboration with PLATINEA, ENABLE-2 and the Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness program at SciLifeLab. Next May, a multidisciplinary array of experts from the field of AMR will gather in our beautiful city to advance the discussion on antibiotic resistance. We hope to see you there.

The Uppsala Antibiotic Days Conference will have its second edition during May 28-29th, 2024. UAD brings together specialists from the multidisciplinary array of research domains that play a direct role in the future management of AMR. Attendees will hear from scientists, clinicians, and business stakeholders who will share their recent findings and work with antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Organized in collaboration with ENABLE-2, PLATINEA, and the Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness program at SciLifeLab, the Uppsala Antibiotic Days will highlight Uppsala’s unique position as a European hub for science research and innovation, in particular for AMR, making the city an excellent venue where scientists, clinicians, and members of the public can gather to share meaningful ideas about the topic.