The AMR Studio

The AMR Studio is a podcast dedicated to highlighting the multidisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance that is happening around the world. Formatted around interviews with professionals working in all aspects of the topic, we aim to bring the global and trans-sectorial nature of the fight against antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance to anyone with an interest. You can follow us and subscribe to our podcast to get new episodes directly in your preferred device and platform:

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You can also follow us on twitter @UAC_UU; we are using the hashtag #theAMRStudio for news and updates, and you can use it to tell us anything you want!

The AMR Studio team is composed by Eva Garmendia -UAC coordinator-, Po-Cheng Tang & Jennifer Jagdmann -both doctoral candidates- (left to right).


  • Episode 1: Antibiotic Resistance, the UAC & World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Monday November 12th 2018.
  • Episode 2: Kevin Outterson, CARB-X director; AMR burden in Europe; a new anti-gonorrhoeal drug. Monday December 10th 2018.
  • Episode 3: Anne Kveim Lie & antibiotic futures; antibiotic stewardship in humans and animals. Monday January 7th 2019.
  • Episode 4: Coll De Lima Hutchison & anthropology of microbes; fecal polution & AMR; multidrug resistant plasmids in Acinetobacter. Monday February 4th 2019.
  • Episode 5: Steven Hoffman & international law; heteroresistance; AMR funding. Monday March 4th 2019.
  • Episode 6: Sophie Helaine & bacterial persistence; breakpoint discrepancies; ABR in the media. Monday April 1st 2019.
  • Episode 7: Ayako Ebata & agricultural economics; report to the UN secretary on AMR; targeted killing in bacteria. Monday May 6th 2019.
  • Episode 8: Gerry Wright, a biochemist in AMR; a successful phage-therapy treatment; an emergent resistant fungal infection. Monday 3rd of June 2019.
  • Episode 9: Chantal Morel & health economy; non-profit antimicrobials; reversing resistance in M. tuberculosis. Monday July 1st 2019.
  • Episode 10: Ep 10. Fredrik Almqvist, chemistry on AMR; treating heteroresistance; policy interventions reviewed. Monday August 5th 2019.
  • Episode 11: Ep 11. Caroline King & the humanities on AMR; screening experiences; non-traditional therapeutics. Monday September 2nd 2019.
  • Episode 12: Christian Munthe & AMR Ethics; ethical prescriptions; persisters & plasmid transfer in the gut. Monday October 7th 2019.
  • Episode 13: Claas Kirchhelle & a historian's role in AMR. Review of progress on Antimicrobial Resistance. Monday November 4th 2019.
  • Episode 14: Catherine Will & messaging on AMR. Framing Resistance. Reports update. Monday December 2nd 2019.
  • Episode 15: Jasper Littmann & policy on AMR. Preclinical pipeline. Development challenges. Monday 13th of January 2020.
  • Episode 16: John Rex & Antibiotics R&D. AMR in Newspapers. Collateral sensitivity mechanisms. Monday 2nd of March 2020.
  • Episode 17: Kristina Osbjer & National Action Plans. A new rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. Antibiotic treatment & diabetes type I. Monday 6th of April 2020.
  • Episode 18: François Lebreton & bioinformatics. Machine Learning approaches in AMR. Monday 4th of May.
  • Episode 19: Johan Bengtsson Palme & AMR in the environment. Colistin pharmacokinetics. AB use in LMIC. Monday 1st of June.
  • Episode 20. Peter Jørgensen & AMR resilience. Public AMR explanations. Update on teixobactin. Monday 6th of July.
  • Episode 21. Ursula Theuretzbacher, an independent AMR scientist. The new AMR Action Fund. Renaming Antimicrobial Resistance. Monday 7th of September.
  • Episode 22. Olof Lindahl & business studies in AMR. Testing Ab combinations. Plasmid stability evolution. Monday 5th of October.


  • Episode X1: Mirko Ancillotti & public awareness of antibiotic resistance.
  • Episode X2: Young researchers at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.
  • Episode X3 & X4: Communicating AMR. Special two-episode series for the World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019.
  • Episode X5: Hacking AMR 2019. Special episode bringing to your a AMR hackathon that took place in Stockholm in 2019.