Ep 17. Kristina Osbjer & National Action Plans. A new rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing. Antibiotic treatment & diabetes type I.


Hi there! Whether you are still at work and doing normal life, or staying home during these difficult times, we got you! Welcome to another episode full of relevant topics around antibiotics and resistance. This month we have an interview with veterinarian Dr. Kristina Osbjer, whose work in Cambodia has helped to set up a multi-sectoral national action plan following up recommendations from the global action plan by WHO. Tune in to learn the process and challenges of such work and why these are needed all around the world to find sustainable solutions to the resistance problem.

What about some news? In this occasion we dwell on two research articles by two PhD students at our center! One of the studies presents a new way of rapidly assessing antibiotic susceptibility, whereas the other is looking into the possible relationship between antibiotic treatment in children and the development of type I diabetes. We hope you are safe and healthy - strength and love to all of you.

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