Ep 20. Peter Jørgensen & AMR resilience. Public AMR explanations. Update on teixobactin.


July is here, and so is the heat! This month at The AMR Studio we bring you the work of Dr. Peter Jørgensen, from the Stockholm Resilience Center. Listen to this episode to learn about what resilience means, how it is related to AMR and how an evolutionary biology perspective can help achieve a more sustainable future. In the news section, we cover a recent published work looking into the background understanding and explanations of AMR in the public, plus an exciting update on how the promising teixobactin antibiotic works. Special thanks in this episode to Isa Moreno, who did a terrific job editing the interview, and big big congratulations to Jenny, who just had her first kid a week before the release of this episode (and a week after the last recording!). We hope you enjoy this month's episode and to have you back here with us next month!

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Relevant Links:

  • Dr. Peter Jørgensen's personal website.
  • Stockholm's Resilience Center website.
  • Sustainable Development Goal website.
  • AMR Scapes. Antimicrobial Resistance: Science, Communications and Public Engagements at Monash University.

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