Ep 23. Teresa Zardán & nanotechnology in AMR. The PASTEUR act. AMR update outlook compilation.


Welcome to November at The AMR Studio! This month we bring you the cutting-edge research conducted by one of the associate senior lecturers at the UAC, Dr. Teresa Zardán Gómez de la Torre, who is working on developing an easy, affordable, and stable new diagnostic tool based on nanotechnology. Listen to how nano-materials could be the next answer to provide low-resources settings with reliable testing for infectious diseases and/or resistance variants. In the news section, we talk about the PASTEUR act, a bi-partisan initiative in the US to bring pull incentives into work, and about the recently compilation of AMR outlooks that Nature Journal has published. Also we present the few changes that the WHO is making to the annual awareness campaign, tune in learn more about it!

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