Ep 29: Ana Brochado & high through-put methods in AMR. Candida albicans infections. Role of host immunity in acute infections.


Happy month of June to you all, and welcome to another episode of The AMR Studio! Tune in to our interview with Dr. Ana Rita Brochado, group leader at the University of Würzburg and looking into how antibiotic combinations affect bacterial growth using high-throughput methods. You will listen to an insightful and inspiring chat with a young, successful researcher that knows the power of collaborations and multidisciplinary work in AMR. In the news section, we bring you two recent scientific articles: one exploring the effect of beta-lactam antibiotics on secondary candida infections, and another one looking into the dynamics of antibiotic treatment, immune system & bacterial evolution over the course of an acute infection. 

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Relevant links:

  • Dr. Ana Rita Brochado's lab website.
  • Dr. Ana Rita Brochado's recorded talk at the UAC seminar series.
  • Dr. Typas lab website (Ana's postdoc adviser).

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Last modified: 2021-07-02