Ep 30: Luisa de Sordi & bacteriophages. The impact of travel on resistance. New ABR viewpoint & other news.


Welcome to another episode of The AMR Studio! Dive in to learn the story of Dr. Luisa De Sordi, a microbiologist working with bacteriophages and gut bacteria to study the relationship between our digestive system, the microbiota and their associated phages. We also go through a brief history of phage therapy and its future ahead! On this occasion, we also bring you a packed news section covering a recent article looking into the impact of travel on the human resistome, and highlighting some other recent news and resources that we are sure you will enjoy. Have a lovely month!

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Relevant links:

  • Dr. Luisa de Sordi's google scholar page.
  • Dr. Luisa de Sordi's recorded talk at the UAC seminar series.
  • Dr. Luisa de Sordi's twitter.

Further Reading:

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Last modified: 2021-09-05