Ep 39: Vanessa Carter & patient advocacy. A stewardship game. Evolution of antibiotic tolerance.


Welcome to this June episode! This month we bring you a story and theme we consider very important in the efforts to control AMR: patient advocacy. Tune in to listen to the story of Vanessa Carter, a patient who suffered from the consequences of antibiotic resistance during her recovery after a car accident, and saw first hand the shortcomings of how resistance is communicated in healthcare. We talk to her about her experience and how she, after this traumatic event, focused on raising awareness. We also learn from her the importance of patient participation and how we can help more stories be heard. In the news section, we bring you an article describing a new board game teaching antimicrobial stewardship to healthcare workers, and a study looking into the evolution of antibiotic tolerance and the role of antibiotic mode of action in relation to the bacteria's metabolic state. We hope you enjoy!

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Last modified: 2022-09-04