Ep 40: John Jernigan & decolonization. A paper-based susceptibility test. A potential new Giardia treatment. AMR vaccines.


Welcome back to the AMR studio after our short summer break! For this episode, we are bringing you an interview with Dr. John Jernigan, physician and director of the Office of Hospital Acquired Infections Prevention Research and Evaluation Division at the CDC. We talk with him about the new innovative approaches that the CDC is working on when it comes to AMR, with a focus on decolonization. Learn with us about why decolonization is important and how it can help the burden of AMR. In our news section, we cover a very recent publication that explores a new, simple, and cheap multiplexed test for antibiotic susceptibility, and a very interesting study published by one of our PhD students looking into new targets and treatment of Giardia intestinalis. Thank you for being with us in our 40th episode! 

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Last modified: 2022-09-04