Ep 41: Bruce Blough, Elliott Pauli & CC4CARB. Cefiderocol resistance. Studying biofilms in space.


In this September episode, we bring you a 2-for-1 interview! Listen to Bruce Blough & Elliott Pauli talk about the Chemistry Center for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (CC4CARB) project they are working on, an innovative chemistry center focused on the synthesis, acquisition, and distribution of rationally designed, focused libraries free-of-charge to the global scientific community for use in Gram-negative antibacterial drug discovery programs. In this interview, we learn about Bruce & Elliott's background, how CC4CARB works and what it is bringing to the table. In our news section, first we cover a recent article looking into the evolution of beta lactamase-mediated resistance to cefiderocol, a new antibiotic with an innovative entry method. We also bring you a paper describing a protocol to study biofilms in space (yes, space!) and comment on the most recent report published by the WHO on antibiotic resistance awareness. We hope you enjoy this one!

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Important acronyms mentioned:

  • RTP/RTI: Research Triangle Park (the area) and Research Triangle Institute
  • CC4CARB: Chemistry Center for Combating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
  • USDA: US Department of Agriculture
  • NIH: National Institutes of Health
  • NIAID: National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases
  • FDA: US Food and Drug Administration
  • CNS: Central nervous system
  • API: active pharmaceutical ingredient
  • QC: quality control
  • IP: Intellectual property

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