Ep 42: Björn Rönnerstrand & political sciences. Non-prescribed antibiotic acquisition. Prescribing consensus. Contextual factors for prescribing.


In this October episode, we bring you an interview with Dr. Björn Ronnerstrand, a political sciences researcher who brings to us how political sciences and AMR intersect and his work on the possible role of the EU in AMR policy. We also discuss the need for more political science research in this area and how AMR can be a fantastic starting point for theoretical work, not just practice. In the news section, we talk about a recent article on the role of trust in the non-prescribed acquisition of antibiotics, an update to the antibiotic prescribing consensus, and a recent article by a UAC alumn that describes the contextual factors behind prescribing patterns in Uganda. Ready for a rather thematic episode around antibiotic prescriptions? We hope you enjoy it!

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Last modified: 2022-11-06