Ep44: Jonas Fuks & the Swedish coordination group. CRP test and conversation analysis. ProQ and persistence.


Welcome to this last episode of 2022! After a super busy and important month of November, we bring you a new episode with quite a Swedish perspective. On November 17th, we attended the Swedish Antibiotic Forum event and were able to talk to Jonas Fuks, an analyst at the Public Health Agency of Sweden, about the 10-year anniversary of the forum and the group behind it, the Swedish intersectoral coordination group. Learn how they have been working, what their goals are, and what their work has meant in the national efforts to reduce the impact of AMR.

On the commentary, we also talk about our own experience at this year's forum, and what was covered. In the news section, we bring you two articles by researchers associated with the center, one interdisciplinary article looking at the use of the CRP test in primary care through the light of conversation analysis, and an article shedding light on the phenomenon of antibiotic persistence. We hope you have a good time with us! 

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Last modified: 2023-02-05