Ep 45: Nicola Gale & sociology. Mycobiota & salmonella infections. Use of imagery in global health.


Welcome to 2023! Tune in to this episode to hear the work and experience of Professor Nicola Gale, a sociologist with long experience in interdisciplinary work. We learn with her about sociological work, how she applies risk work theory to AMR, and her insights into the intersection between the application of guidelines and the personal experience of healthcare workers.

In the news section, we bring you a recent research article looking into the relationship between the fungus in our microbiota and salmonella infections, and an important health policy publication analyzing and proposing a framework for the use of imagery in global health. In this episode, we also say goodbye to our lovely co-host, Dr. Jennifer Jagmann, as she continues onto new adventures. We hope you enjoy this one!

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Last modified: 2023-04-02