Ep 48: Anna Sjöblom & ReAct. Population ab use & the gut microbiome. Host-specific plasmid evolution.


Spring is back in Sweden, and so are we in your ears! This month of May we bring you an interview with Anna Sjöblom, director of ReAct Europe, a branch of an international organization working to promote and deliver action on antibiotic resistance. We learn about Anna’s background, the path that led her to ReAct, and many of the activities that ReAct has done and have currently ongoing.

In the news section, we cover the latest expert policy brief published by ReAct, a recent article looking into how antibiotic use at a country level can affect the gut microbiome, and a study revealing that the evolutionary pathways of plasmids in a clinical setting might be more difficult to predict than previously thought. Thanks for tuning in!

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Last modified: 2023-06-11