Ep 50: Sophia Wood & an AMR exhibition. Preventing resistance evolution. Policy briefs at EU & WHO.


Welcome to our July episode, just before the holidays! This month, we bring you an interview with Sophia Wood, designer, and teacher at the Beckmans College of Design. Sophia led a group of design students through the “interdisciplinary waters” as they prepared to make an exhibition about AMR which they named “Are We There Yet?”. Tune in to learn about her background, their process, and what this exhibition is all about, and check our pictures from the exhibiton below!

In the news section, we first bring you a scientific article about a compound reducing the mutagenesis that results from the use of ciprofloxacin, and two important news related to policy: a recommendation recently adopted by the Council of the European Union, and a priority research agenda brought forward by the World Health Organization. We hope you enjoy this month, we see you back in September. Have a lovely summer ahead!

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Photos From "Are We There Yet?" Exhibition at Svenskt Tenn

Elin looking and the "Points of Touch" piece.

"Conversation Pieces"

Another part of "Conversation Pieces"

"Muddy Waters" piece

"Points of Touch" through "Conversation Pieces"

"Misconceptions" piece

Elin and her favorite piece "Facing Our Future"

"Under Your Skin" piece

Part of the "Use With Caution Piece"

Eva's favorite piece "Use With Caution"

Last modified: 2023-09-01