Ep 52: Jakob Altgärde, an ID physician. Antibiotic combinations for gram positives. The Antibiocene.


Welcome to a new episode, albeit the slight delay! Tune in this October to listen to Elin’s first interview ever! She had the chance to sit down and talk to Jakob Altgärde, infectious diseases physician with experience in hospital work around infections and resistance in both Sweden and Nepal. With him, we learn how an ID physician works day-to-day, and the main differences between Sweden and Nepal when it comes to his work and AMR.

In the news section, we first talk about a recent massive high-throughput screening done for drug combinations on gram positives (Bacillus, Staphylococcus & Streptococcus), and a thought piece by Claas Kirchhelle presenting the idea of the Antibiocene, a new geological era where AMR is the main signal of the phenotypic and genotypic changes that our microbial commons have suffered due to our relationship with antimicrobials. We hope you enjoy this hour with us!

*Note: at minute 15:27 “World Bank” is heard as “world-bike”.

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