Ep 53: Álvaro San Millán & plasmids. AMR terminology. Co-designing AMR solutions with communities.


Welcome to November! In this episode, we bring you the work of Álvaro San Millán, group leader at the National Center for Biotechnology in Spain, where he researches the role of plasmids in antibiotic resistance. In this interview, among other things, we talk about how understanding plasmid biology can lead to new ways of tackling resistance, and learn about his impressions of being a young group leader and setting up a multidisciplinary team.

In the news section, we are being very “communicative” this month, first covering a recent study looking at 6 different terms used in AMR communications in terms of being able to evoque risk and being remembered, and a paper published by CE4AMR, where they share their insights on what to include while co-creating solutions with communities, and why. We hope you have a great time with us.

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Last modified: 2023-11-05