Ep 8. Gerry Wright, a biochemist in AMR; a successful phage-therapy treatment; an emergent resistant fungal infection.


One more month at the AMR Studio, we bring you a heartwarming conversation around AMR experiences and work. This month we feature an interview we did with Gerry Wright, a biochemist turn microbiologist working on drug development,and that personally had to face the reality of AMR. In our news section we bring you the happy story of a cystic fibrosis patient successfully treated using phage therapy, and the recent news about an emergent resistant fungal infection.

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Relevant links:

  • The Wright Lab: website for Prof. Wright's lab and work.
  • The SEA-PHAGES project: The Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science is a two-semester, discovery-based undergraduate research course that begins with simple digging in the soil to find new viruses.

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