Episode X3 & X4: Communicating AMR


With the occasion of the Word Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019 (November 18th to 24th), The AMR Studio is releasing a two-episodes special series through the week, focusing on the communication aspects of AMR. Tune in to listen to several professionals that work daily communicating this issue to different sectors, stakeholders and public groups. In this seires, we feature interviews with people working at a local, national and international level, being part of organisations such as the Swedish Strategic Programme Against Antibiotic Resistance (STRAMA), the Swedish Public Health Agency and the World Health Organization (WHO). Interested? Don't miss out and follow us in your preferred podcast platform: iTunesSpotify & SoundCloud.

Episode X3: Communicating AMR in Sweden. Gunilla Stridh Ekman & Ulrica Dohnhammar.

Welcome to this first part of our special series for the World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019 campaign! In this episode you will briefly be introduced to the Swedish health care system, and then you will listen to two interviews of people working with communicating AMR in the Swedish context. First, we have Gunilla Stridh Ekman from STRAMA, presenting the work done mostly at the local level around Uppsala. Afterwards, we have an interview with Ulrica Dohnhammar, from The Swedish Public Health Agency, part of the national awareness campaign "Save the Antibiotics", among other work.

Relevant Links:

  • STRAMA: Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance.
  • STRAMA Uppsala.
  • Swedish Public Health Agency activities relating to AMR.
  • WHO collaborating centre for antimicrobial resistance containment in Sweden.
  • The Swedish national strategy to combat antibiotic resistance document.
  • Antibiotika Smart: web training with general info about bacteria, resistance and reasonable antibiotic use (in Swedish).
  • Antibiotika eller inte: web with information about possible treatment with antibiotic for common infections (in Swedish).
  • Hälsa och antibiotika (”Health and antibiotics”) – an educational package consisting of text, pictures and short films developed for SFI language training and social orientation classes.

Episode X4: Communicating AMR globally. Amy Reid.

Here we bring you our second (and last) piece of the special on communicating AMR for this year's awareness week. Click play to listen to Amy Reid, from the World Health Organization working at the AMR team, being interviewed about their work dynamics, strategies, challenges and outlooks when it comes to increase global awareness on AMR. WHO is the main orchestrator of this global awareness annual campaign and their work is essential in this area.

Relevant Links:

  • Download the ‘WHO Antibiotic Resistance’ app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • The WAAW2019 homepage.
  • Map of global WAAW 2019 activities. See what is going on around the globe this week!
  • Find out more on WHO’s work on AMR.
  • Sign up for updates at the WHO newsletter.

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