UAC at Almedalen: Keeping antibiotics effective – can Sweden's experience apply elsewhere? A reality check


On June 30th, UAC and ReAct organized a seminar on how the Swedish experiences with the STRAMA programme may be useful inspiration for other countries who wish to improve stewardship of antibiotics in the human health sector - as well as what Sweden can learn from others. This seminar was arranged under Sweden’s political week Almedalen, which runs annually in the capital city of Gotland, Visby.

The seminar, arranged as a expert discussion, was moderated by ReAct Europe’s director, Anna Sjöblom. The panel counted with the voices and experiences of:

  • Malin Grape, AMR Ambassador Sweden
  • Jakob Altgärde, Infectious diseases physician at the Jönköping region in Sweden and with two years experience at Mission Hospital in Tansen, Nepal
  • Thomas Tängdén, Chair of the National STRAMA and Associate Professor Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Mirfin Mpundu, Pharmacist, Doctor in Public Health and Director at ReAct Africa.
Panel and moderator during the seminar at Almedalen 2023.

Join the more than 100 people from 40 countries that saw it live, and watch the recording! Available till end of May 2024.

Last modified: 2021-05-24