The AMR Studio: UAC's podcast on multidisciplinary AMR research


We launch our newest outreach project, "The AMR Studio", with the occasion of the World Antibiotic Awareness Week.

The AMR Studio is a podcast dedicated to highlighting the multidisciplinary research on antimicrobial resistance that is happening around the world. Formatted around interviews with professionals working in all aspects of the topic, we aim to bring the global and trans-sectorial nature of the fight against antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance to anyone with an interest. 

In this first episode we feature a short introduction on what antibiotics and antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance are, an in-depth interview with the management team of the Uppsala Antibiotic Center and we talk a bit about what the World Antibiotic Awareness Week is.

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The AMR Studio team is composed by Eva Garmendia -UAC coordinator-, Po-Cheng Tang -PhD student- & Jennifer Jagdmann -PhD student- (left to right).

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Last modified: 2021-05-24