New Economic Models for Antibiotics R&D

A topic of particular importance is the effectiveness of new economic models to incentivize antibiotic R&D. Through the work of entities such as DRIVE-AB and the O’Neill Commission on AMR, we today have a fair idea of what new economic models are available for policy makers to incentivize antibiotics R&D. However, we know very little about the actual effectiveness of these new models. Being an empirical field, the issue of investigating the effectiveness of such models and understanding why some work while others don’t, or why some work under certain condition or in certain environments thus constitutes the research front on economic models in relation to antibiotic resistance. Moreover, while the various new economic models already proposed does much to address the challenges facing innovation in antibiotics, there are considerable gaps when it comes to, among other things, incentivizing the prudent use of new drugs to ensure their long-term efficacy. This research interest practically translates into developing and evaluating additional new economic models that not only incentivizes innovation, but also prudent use.

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Last modified: 2023-03-23