New Antibiotics from small molecules

Applying organic chemistry towards the design and synthesis of small molecule probes, here we hope to elucidate how small molecules influence both the host and other bacteria. This includes investigating the molecular mechanisms of colonization resistance, how bacterial toxins inflict their damage upon the host and developing new chemical biology tools to analyse and influence bacterial function. This work will provide new opportunities for antibiotic drug discovery.

UU Researcher

Lindon Moodie

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Design and Discovery



Antibiotics and Bacterial Infection

  1. Sulfadiazine Masquerading as a Natural Product from Scilla madeirensis (Scilloideae). L. P. Robertson*, L. W. K. Moodie, D. C. Holland, K. C. Jandér and U. Göransson, Journal of Natural Products, 2020, 83 (4), 1305-1308
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Chemical Biology

  1. Lipid accumulation promotes scission of caveolae. M. Hubert, E. Larsson, N. V. G.  Vegesna, M. Ahnlund, A. I. Johansson, L. W. K. Moodie, R. Lundmark*, eLife. e55038
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  4. Natural cholinesterase inhibitors from marine organisms. L. W. K. Moodie, K. Sepčić, T. Turk, R. Frangežc and J. Svenson*, Natural Product Reports2019, 36, 1053-1092. 
  5. Design and Biological Evaluation of Antifouling Dihydrostilbene Oxime HybridsL. W. K. Moodie*, G. Cervin, R. Trepos, C. Labriere, C. Hellio, H. Pavia and J. Svenson, Marine Biotechnology2018, 20, 257-267.
  6. Prevention of Marine Biofouling Using the Natural Allelopathic Compound Batatasin-III and Synthetic AnaloguesL W. K. Moodie, R. Trepos, G. Cervin, K. A. Bråthen, B. Lindgård, R. Reiersen, P. Cahill, H. Pavia, C. Hellio, and J. Svenson*, Journal of Natural Products2017, 80, 2001-2011. 
  7. Probing the Structure–Activity Relationship of the Natural Antifouling Agent Polygodial against both Micro- and Macrofoulers by Semisynthetic ModificationL. W. K. Moodie, R. Trepos, G. Cervin, L. Larsen, D. S. Larsen, H. Pavia, C. Hellio, P. Cahill, and J. Svenson*, Journal of Natural Products2017, 80, 515-525.
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  9. Marine AChE inhibitors isolated from Geodia barretti: natural compounds and their synthetic analogsE. K. Olsen, E. Hansen, L. W. K. Moodie, J. Isaksson, K. Sepčić, M. Cergolj, J. Svenson* and J. H. Andersen*, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry2016, 14, 1629-1640.

Last modified: 2022-02-01